In the Mind of a Poker Player

Poker is a brilliant game to test how sharp your mind is and keeps a relatively even playing field- as long as your hand is strong and you’ve got a good read on how your fellow players work, you’re sure to have a chance at winning. But what separates the pros from the amateurs? Well, working with one of the top online casinos uk, we’ve put together this info graphic so you can get a handle on what makes a good player great. The first thing you need is the ability to ‘read’ your opponent, being aware of their behaviors and watching for any obvious tells in how they act. The second thing? Making sure you yourself don’t have any tells. Having perfect control of your emotions and how you express them is the best way to ensure you don’t have any obvious tells that give you away, but how you play your hand and read your opponent is a vital part in becoming a Poker Pro. Poker Players Mind - GIFThis simultaneous balance is the best way to make sure your opponents don’t know what you’ve got in your hand and that you know what’s in theirs, but how you use that information is the vital part. Like they say, amateur players play their hand, pro players will play their opponents and use their tells against them. Knowing when to fold and when to call becomes a lot easier when you know what’s going on in your opponent’s head. We go into more detail in the animation below.

The Best Female Poker Players in the World

Poker is a sport largely dominated by men, however there are a few truly talented female players who stand out above the rest.

The following are notably among the female stars of the sport in no specific order:

Vanessa Rousso

images23Vanessa Rousso is ranked 5th female in the world for cash earnings at tournaments.  The current total of her winnings stands at $3.5 million.  Her largest single cash win came in 2007, when she came second in the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker main event, scooping up a prize of $700000.  Vanessa has become something of a sex symbol within the sport of professional poker, and has also further increased her popularity even outside of the world of poker by appearing in the television show Big Brother, in which she came third.

Annie Duke

Annie Duke is an American professional poker player, as well as an author of poker related books and her poker and casino insights have been much vaunted.  She won a World Series of Poker (WSOP) gold bracelet in 2004, and at that stage held the title of being the woman to win the most cash at the poker table although that title has since gone to Vanessa Selbst.   She co-founded the non-profit organization, “Ante for Africa” which raises money for charities in Africa by playing in charity events.

Jackie Glazier

Jackie Glazier is an Australian player, and a relative newcomer to the sport of professional poker playing, going pro only 3 years ago.  She has since admitted that she went pro too early in her career, and that rookie errors in her early days at the table nearly cost her her career in poker, but she persevered and was rewarded for her determination.  She practiced a lot online and thanks to the abundance of NZD casino sites that offer this game, there is plenty of opportunity for players to do so. She has won approximately $1.2 million in cash at tournaments, been awarded a WSOP gold bracelet and has earned the prestigious title of being the last woman standing at WSOP 2013.

Liv Boeree

Liv Boeree hails from the England, and is ranked as the highest earning female player from the United Kingdom.  Her introduction to the world of professional poker came when she was selected to play in the reality TV show Showdown .  Here she received coaching from several star poker veterans including Annie Duke.  To date her largest single cash win was in 2010, when she won the European Poker Tour, taking home $1.7 million and becoming the third woman in history to win the European Poker Tour.

Vanessa Selbst 

Vanessa Selbst is currently number one on the top female money winners list, amassing herself a fortune of over $10 million in tournament winnings.  Her other notable achievements in the sport include three WSOP gold bracelets.  This is notable in itself as she is the only woman in history to achieve three WSOP bracelets in open fields.  She is also the only woman in history to reach the number one ranking on the Global Poker Index, and the only poker player to ever win the same North American Poker Tour Main Event twice in a row.

Maria Ho

Maria Ho is an American-Taiwanese professional poker player as well as a TV presenter and personality.  She is currently ranked female 10th in the world for cash earnings, and has amassed to date over $2 million in tournament winnings, and is perhaps best known for being the last woman standing at both the 2007 WSOP as well as the 2016 WSOP.

Kathy Liebert

Kathy Liebert began her career in professional poker as a prop player, which is a poker player who is paid hourly to start poker games, or to keep them active.  She then progressed to entering tournaments and won her first major one in 2002, the Party Poker Million.  Since then she has earned herself the number two spot on the top female money winners list, with her winnings currently sitting at $6 million, as well as a WSOP gold bracelet.  She is known for having the utmost respect from her peers in the sport, which is an achievement in itself given the male dominance of the game.

Jennifer Harman

Although Jennifer Harman may not have the most cash wins, she is considered to be the best all-round female player in the world despite various health issues, including a kidney transplant.    She one of the few female household names in the sport.  Her achievements include two WSOP gold bracelets and two World Poker Tour titles.

Know the rules of the Poker game

w1We all know that Poker has already become a very much popular game all around the world. It is one of the best card games for the gamblers. You can play Poker with your friends sitting in your house or can go a casino to try your luck against real gamblers. However, nowadays almost every person has a Smartphone. With the advancement of Android versions, several Poker game apps are now available in the Play Store where you can even play online.

All these games come with high graphics quality and basically, you can have the experience of real life casino. Online poker games not only save time from visiting a casino but also save money. All you need to have a Smartphone or laptop and stable internet connection. Now, one of the best online poker games is the Texas Hold’em Poker and you can easily play it on 12BET.

The poker game is a modified version of the bluffing game known as Pochen. You can play poker with two people and even with a group of more than 5 people. As it is a card game, the standard pack consists of 52 cards along with one or two joker cards. You can use two set cards of contrasting colours to speed up the game.

You can play poker under innumerable forms and if you can understand the values of cards you can call yourself as the king of poker. A poker hand consists of 5 cards in every basic online poker game. There are various combinations of poker hands, according to which you can win a bet. The best option with the highest possible hand is known as the Five of a Kind. If you are playing with a joker, then there is a high chance of getting this hand. If you aren’t playing with joker then you can aim for the Straight flush. For this, you have to land five cards of same suits and also following the sequence. If you aren’t having a hand where the Straight flush is almost impossible, then you can look for Four of a kind or full house.

Coming to the lowest ranked hands, you can have Flush where you have to land five cards of the same suit. Another option is the Straight which is five back to back numbered cards, but with the different suit. There are several other poker hands like; Three of a kind, Two pairs and one pair. The lowest ranked poker hand is known as the No pair which is very much rarer.

Now, it is very important to know the gaming rules while you are dealing with a poker game. In each betting round, you will have three options i.e. fold, raise and call. If you have got a very poor hand you can fold your hand or if you have a very impressive hand then you can raise the bet. 12BET is a very much popular website where you can play poker. It is one of the best betting companies in Asia and also offers a variety of deals and discounts. You will also have fast and supportive customer help from their end.