Improve Typing Speed With These Keyboard Games

If kids already know how to type but are looking for a way to improve, these keyboard games help them flex their finger muscles and keep track of their progress with a typing test. These games also allow them to compete against friends and other players in fast-paced races!

They can choose from different songs as they try to hit the letters before they reach the top row. This is fun, challenging, and rewarding!

The Typing Game

Typing is an essential skill in today’s technology-driven world. It’s also a skill that is best learned through fun, and games are one of the most engaging ways to do it!

The Typing Game is a simple game that can improve typing speed for kids of all ages. The game asks players to hit the correct key before the ghosts on the screen appear. They are given five lives, and each incorrect key press deducts a life from their total.

Kids can compete against their friends in a fast-paced race with the TypeRush game, which will challenge them to type more words faster and more accurately as they play. The game will show them how much they have improved over time, and it even includes an option to track their progress.

Typing Ninja is another popular game that improves typing speed without kids realizing it. In this game, kids help a ninja complete quests by hitting the correct keys. This game also offers a challenging and rewarding experience as players watch their score grow each session.

Ghost Typing

For older kids who already know how to touch type, this game offers a fun way to improve accuracy and speed. The goal is to keep the car moving, typing the words as they are displayed. One wrong word and the car will slow down or stop.

The game has multiple levels of difficulty and is designed to improve finger dexterity. It also helps students practice using capital letters, periods, and commas. It is easy to track student progress and the results can be printed or saved for future reference.

Another typing game with an interesting theme is Ghost Typing. In this spooky version, the player must try to type words as they are displayed on the screen before the ghosts get too close. The player gets five lives, but each mistake means losing a life. The game also teaches the player to use their Working Memory, which can be helpful for children who struggle with keyboard positioning. It also offers a unique ghosting keyboard option to help the player learn their iPad’s keyboard layout.

Typing Ninja

This free app is a fun way to improve your typing speed and accuracy. It offers different practice modes, including character, word, sentence, and number practice. It also lets you race against friends or play in a tournament. The game does have a tendency to display full screen ads, but it’s still a good option for people who want to learn to type faster and more accurately.

The Textorcist is another fun typing game that combines a thrilling shooter with a roguelike world. The gameplay is engaging and keeps you interested, and the narrative and visuals make it hard to forget that you’re actually typing. This game is perfect for adults who want to brush up on their typing skills or for children who enjoy the thrill of a good shooter. The app is available on all major platforms, but it has a few issues with its keyboard layout and is prone to bugs.

Typing Race Beginner

TYPE RACER is a fun, addictive multiplayer typing game for kids and adults. It uses an accurate typing test to match players of similar skill levels and allows users to compete against others worldwide in real-time. Players race by correctly typing words displayed on their car and can see their word per minute score updated in real-time. The free version of the game includes a basic race where players can practice and improve their typing skills. The paid version of the game, Nitro Type, is more robust and includes options for logging in to view scores and race results.

Another good keyboarding game for beginners is Flappy Typing. It lets kids practice their touch typing and keeps them engaged as they keep a cute flying character in the air by tapping the keys on the screen. Students can choose between four difficulty levels to suit their learning style. Kids are also given their WPM (words per minute) average at the end of each session. Kids can play the game without an account, but to track their progress they’ll need to link it with their Facebook account.

Stacking Box Typing

Learning to type quickly and accurately helps kids maximize productivity at school and at work. It is also an invaluable skill for students with learning disabilities like dyslexia. Touch typing is a way of learning to identify the location of each letter on the keyboard, and it can be improved by practicing with typing games.

Stacking Box Typing tests users’ ability to correctly time their typing. Users are presented with a series of boxes and must stack them by typing the correct letters into the keyboard. The game also improves focus and concentration because the user must calmly wait for the right moment to hit each key so that the box is stacked properly.

Dance Mat Typing is a fun and engaging game from the BBC that teaches kids and beginners to find letters on the keyboard and move their fingers correctly to the home row. Another game is Key Maze, which allows kids to navigate a character through a maze while finding and pressing keys. Another fast-paced typing game is Meteor Typing Blast, where learners type words as fast as they can to save them from flying meteors and UFOs.

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