Robot Dealers

Robot Dealers

Robot Dealers

The argument of technology versus human touch has been raging for decades, with businesses and developers eager to push forward whilst the public struggle to decide if they’re ready. With the rise and popularity of the online casino world, the newest controversial tech in the world of gambling is robotic, or automated dealers. It debuted In Macau, the biggest gambling center in the world in the form of Min, an animatronic robot in the form of a female dealer. Right now, it cannot communicate or recognize faces, but it can fully deal cards, and if the beta testing results are positive, the company plans to program the robot to speak multiple languages, recognized facial expressions and remember individual customers. It’s causing waves, Casinos spend huge sums of both money and time hiring, training and honing the necessary skills required that poker table dealers are required to know to deal with players with different attitudes and backgrounds.These poker dealers have to interact face to face on a regular basis with players, build a relationship with them and make them feel comfortable enough so they relax, spend more money and continue using the business.

The decision has been put forward to save training and development costs, and to avoid any underhand or biased dealing on behalf of crooked dealers. Carlos Siu, an associate professor at the Polytechnic Institute in Macao stated it’s likely to workwell in western countries such as the United States, but had certain concerns as to how well it would be received in Asia, as the environment in Casinos can often get very energetic and customers like to interact and have a little banter with the dealer. In a statement, Siu said – “Gamblers often slam the table and shout loudly to pump up the mood. I’m not sure if robotic dealers can tap into the gamblers’ psychology correctly and give an appropriate response”
Whether the idea of robotics in gambling takes off is yet to be seen, but for now, it’s certainly splitting opinions.

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