Differences Between Video Poker and Poker

Differences Between Video Poker and Poker

Differences Between Video Poker and Poker

Both hugely popular games in their own right, both online and in land based casinos, there are several differences between video poker and poker, each of which makes the game unique.

You’ll find that some players prefer video poker, others prefer table poker, and some enjoy both. Let’s take a look at what make these games similar, yet rather different too. 

A Solo Pursuit

Unlike table poker, video poker is a completely solo online casino gambling pursuit. You don’t play against other players; you simply play against the machine. There’s no social element to the game, and there’s no interaction, no bluffing, no looking for tells and as many admit, a lot less pressure! You only need to know the basics to get started playing video poker and you are less likely to annoy someone if you are simply learning as you go along. You can also play at your own pace and if you want to go slow you can do just that.

Speedy Play

Video poker games can unfold in a few minutes, while poker can take hours at a time. As there’s only one chance to discard and deal new cards in video poker, the game can take as little as a minute if you are confident in your ability. You only need to concentrate for a short period of time in video poker whereas in poker games you may find yourself sitting for several hours at a time, having to remain on the ball and alert with every move. Video poker is often compared to slots, and this is because of its fast pace. Just like slots, you can enjoy quick results and have fun in a short period of time.

Skill and Luck

In video poker you can use some form of skill to try and determine how to build the highest ranked hand, but in poker you need a large amount of skill in every facet of the game. Many players make use of video poker games to learn the hand rankings and pick up the basics of the game, and then move on to table poker where they try and use their newfound skills and improve upon them wherever they can.

Game History 

Poker has been around for a good few centuries, but video poker is actually considered quite a new game. In the late 1970’s video poker terminals were introduced into casinos, and in the late 1990’s they went online. Video poker almost missed being made too, as the original creator was told that his idea was not feasible, so he went on his own and created the game alone.

Game Variation

There are well over 40 different variants of video poker online, and new games are released regularly. In contrast, there are fewer versions of poker, but there are far more tournaments played. While video poker games all have a relatively high edge the prize pots in poker can grow to astronomical proportions, so when it comes to big winnings, poker is ahead of the pack. However, progressive video poker games are now available online, and these jackpots can also grow incredibly high.

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