Samuel Clemens to Start his Own Catering Business with $1 Million Won from Mega Millions

Once again, the Mega Millions lottery is glad to share an exciting story of a winner who is to fulfill his wish with a major prize he has recently won.

The player is among the luckiest who have received unusual boosts in their lives to start their own businesses and fulfill their desires.

The Mega Millions is proud that it was able to produce such an opportunity for the player. The player is lucky that he got to be a part of the Mega Millions lottery and wants to play the game for as long as he is able to. He wants to participate even if he has to do it through online lottery.

Samuel Clemens Winning Inspiration

Like every other prize winner, Samuel Clemens also had his winning story to share when he came in to collect his prize money.

The player deliberately took time to show up and claim his prize because he wanted to make sure he used the money when he needed it.

According to him, he had seen several of his friends win a few thousand dollars here and then from the Mega Millions lottery.

He never tried his luck but he decided to do it when one of his friends won a $100,000 last year. Right after winning $100,000, his friend invested it into crypto and made so much out of it.

This is what inspired him to participate in the lottery games and use the money to achieve his goal. He has always been part of the catering business working for others and managing events.

However, he had always wanted to run his own catering business. He knew he could do it because he had the experience to back it up.

September 20 Draw did the Magic

It was the September 20 draw Samuel Clemens had participated trying to match the jackpot prize winning numbers (52-30-28-21-9 and 10).

The player did not choose the megaplier option on the ticket as it turned out to be 5X in the draw. The jackpot prize for the draw was $277 million but the player won the second top prize winning him $1 million.

The player has revealed he had purchased his ticket from Ansha which is located at 6824 4th Avenue.

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