The Deadly Sins of Lottery Betting to Avoid

There are two ways that you can go about something in life; there is a right way and there is also a wrong way. Unfortunately, there are times when people are doing things the wrong way without even realizing this. This is also applicable to your weekly lottery choices. The fact is that there are a lot of lottery players who actually sabotage their own chances of winning without even realizing so. Winning the lottery is already very tough and you definitely don’t want to add to it. So, what should you do? You have to be aware of the deadly sins of lottery betting because that’s the only way you can avoid them. Ready to find out what they are? You can check them out here:

  • Focusing on the jackpot

The most common and deadly sin amongst lottery bettors is focusing on just big jackpots. Bear in mind that the bigger the jackpot, the higher the competition, which means the lower the odds of winning. Why set yourself up for failure like that? Instead of letting yourself be blinded by the latest MegaMillions jackpot, you could try out the UK 49’s draw that may just lead you to a win.

  • Not considering the odds

Like with any other game, winning the lottery is about beating the odds and this can only happen when you actually know the odds of the lottery you want to play. In fact, once you find out the odds, there is a chance you may even reconsider playing it. Rather than choosing a lottery based on its jackpot, it is better to make this decision based on the odds, so you can win something instead of being disappointed.

  • Searching for patterns

If you are trying to pick numbers based on visual or numerical patterns, then you are making a mistake. There is no scientific basis behind the use of patterns for determining which numbers to use. As a matter of fact, using this method can actually limit the amount of numbers you choose from, which means you may have to eventually share your winnings with others if you win.

  • Believing in lucky numbers

Have you ever wondered why so many lottery jackpots and prizes are often shared amongst people? This is mostly because of human nature. A lot of people believe their numbers are special or lucky, but it is rarely the case. Believing in lucky numbers often drives people into choosing the same numbers as others. For instance, a number of people use the number 7. Likewise, many people may even use reverse psychology and choose the number 13 because others consider it unlucky. The most common approach is picking numbers based on dates, which limits you to numbers between 1 and 31. It is due to these reasons that people often have to share prizes as they usually end up picking the same numbers.

  • Trying being random

As lottery draws are random, it is often recommended that you choose your numbers the same way. Many players decide to choose their own random numbers by writing the first number that comes to mind, or coming up with other creative ways to keep it ‘random’. However, chances of influencing your choices are high, so it is better to rely on the computer. Online lottery platforms like KayaMoola have the Quick Pick option that can be used for choosing random numbers. This is where a software is generating the numbers on your behalf, which reduces any chance of influence.

Apart from these deadly sins, you should also remember to not trust in any systems you may come across, as these are widely advertised. It is easy to fall prey to them, but they are just another scam. Furthermore, you shouldn’t believe in lottery ‘gurus’ or other kind of hocus pocus either because these are just charlatans and don’t really have anything to offer.

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