The Best Mobile Bingo Apps

The Best Mobile Bingo Apps

Bingo on the go is just about the best invention after the wheel (and we’re not referring to the Roulette wheel here).  Successful Bingo App developers care about the end-user experience – in other words, how players rate the overall experience of playing by making use  of the particular application.  Mobile is going global and Bingo is no exception.  Application developers have had to apply their minds in order to create user-friendly applications that are every bit as easy to use as their desktop internet website counterparts.  We are happy to report: they have succeeded.

It’s important, at this stage, to draw the distinction between Bingo Sites and Bingo Apps.  When accessing a site, a player joins connects to a conventional website – even when accessing the site via a mobile device.  An App on the other hand, is a separate program altogether, written to achieve certain goals and maximise the usability of whatever game it is that the player is trying to access. You can download an app at a mobile casino Canada has to offer, or look further afield for Bingo apps that suit you, but these are our top picks:

The William Hill Bingo App

The William Hill Bingo App compares well with the functionality of the mobile site in every way possible.  Downloading the App and joining up comes with a handsome start-up bonus of £50.  Not only will they give you some money to spend on playing Bingo, but you will also be able to enjoy 8 days’ worth of free Bingo in the custom-made Arrival Lounge.

The integrated chat feature is a nifty built-in feature, enabling players to interact with fellow players as they play.

William Hill’s Bingo App caters for all types of payment methods, including PayPal.  The aim of this application was obviously to provide a hassle-free way to play mobile Bingo.

The William Hill Bingo App is compatible with iOS as well as Android-driven hand-held devices.

The Mecca Bingo App

The Mecca Bingo App is very similar to the one offered by William Hill.  A joining bonus of £50 is up for grabs whenever a new player signs up via the App and spends £10 or more.  New players play for free for 7 days in the Newbie-Room.

The Mecca Bingo App offers 90-Ball Bingo and is jam-packed with daily promotions and special bonus offers.

The App also includes a lot of additional information, as well as a link to download Mecca Bingo’s X-Factor Bingo App.

The Mecca Bingo App is the portal to various different virtual Bingo rooms, including the Budget Bingo Room – here players can engage in games from as little as £0.01 and still be in the running to win prize money as high as £10.

The Mecca Bingo App also offers players the chance to play for a progressive Bingo Jackpot, with the biggest Jackpot up for grabs being to the tune of £1.7 million.

Tombola Bingo App

Tombola operates the biggest Bingo website in the United Kingdom – and it’s not hard to see why.  Renowned for player satisfaction, Tombola has gone one step further and developed a mobile Bingo App that is head and shoulders above the rest.

What makes Tombola extra special, is that there are no minimum wagering requirements attached to the £50 joining bonus.

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