Online European Roulette Winning

The Best Online European Roulette Winning Tips and Tricks

European roulette games are available in so many modern online casinos. In fact, most of the online casinos you want to play at will feature this game because of its popularity. Best UK casino games of 2017 and you will see that it is not at all difficult to find where to play. The problem is to become a winning player. Fortunately, there are different things that you can do. Below you can find the very best tips and tricks that help you to be a winning player if you love European Roulette.

Outside Bets Are Better

We all have some favorite numbers that are appealing for us but this does not mean you should put money on the numbers. In fact, the possibility of winning at any roulette game is pretty low when you do so. The best thing that you can do is to bet on the outside chances like Odd or Even and Red or Black. You get marginal returns with such bets but the possibility that you will become a long term winning player is much higher as you would use optimal betting strategy.

Check Previous Results

A huge advantage of playing online European roulette games is that you can check the previous sessions or rounds. Although the game is definitely random, this does not mean that you cannot obtain some pretty useful information. As a very common example, when you see that there are 10 straight Red numbers that appeared, there is a high possibility that a black one will be next. There is also the possibility that you would get another red but this rarely happens more than 10 times in a row. Remember that most of the betting systems used in European roulette rely on the succession of numbers that came up before your bet.

Practice First

When you want to try out a new European roulette strategy it is quite important that you do so on a free table first. Do not start with real money as you most likely do not master all that you have to and are going to lose money as you are not yet used to how you intend to play the games. Place bets on real money tables only when you are confident that you have a good grasp on the strategy you want to use.

Stop Betting When Your Session Is A Winning One

Ideally, you want to stop your Roulette session with a profit. This practically means that when you start with $100 and you have $150, it is a good idea to stop as you would be in profit. Then, during the next European Roulette session you play online, start with $50. Withdraw the money that you gained over the initial bankroll investment and try to use only the money that you won in the past for the future sessions. Most beginners are tempted to keep using their entire bankroll for betting on a new session. When you do this problems are going to appear as you will eventually lose money.

Remove Distractions

A big reason why people lose money as they play European Roulette games online is that they are distracted by what happens around them. This is quite ironic since brick and mortar casinos often use distraction tactics to make people avoid the best strategies and in online casinos this happens simply because players are distracted by day-to-day activities. Social media, for instance, is a huge distraction as you play online. Make sure that you remove all the distractions around you and that you are focused on the game.

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